ScientHealth was birthed with a new term combined of two words Scient which means "Knowing, Aware and Knowledgeable and Health which means Mental and Physical Wellbeing. ScientHealth is revolutionizing the way we view science, nutrition and culture as drivers for a healthy life.  ScientHealth provides reference information achieved through science and evidence based research by experts carefully curated and  simplified for easy understanding.

Our Purpose Is Three Fold:

  • Inspire the acceleration of Health, Wellness and Nutrition innovation.

  • Raise Awareness on the importance of Generational Culture and the direct link that it has on maintaining positive mental health.

  • Help to better position Millennials and Generation Z in strategy positions across, Science, Health, Wellness, And Food Enterprise Industries for the purpose of contributing to and creating new business models that are fit for The 21st century between now and the future year 2050.


Our Values Are Eight Fold:

  • Awareness Over Unawareness

  • Science Over Guessing

  • Nutrients Over Calories

  • Learning Over Not Growing

  • Mood Over Food

  • Presence Over Absence

  • Uniqueness Over Suppression

  • Best Over Worst